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New Rides Of The Furious Swampriders



01. Wovenhand “The Threshingfloor”
(David E. Edwards)
Published by New Jerusalem Music/ASCAP
David E. Edwards – vocals, guitar
Pascal Humbert – bass, guitar
Ordy Garrison – drums, percussion

Recorded & mixed here and there, Colorado, USA, by Robert Ferbrache & Wovenhand.
Taken from the album “The Threshingfloor”, Glitterhouse Records

02 Deborah Harry “Lucky Jim”
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce)
Published by Creeping Ritual Music
Debbie Harry – vocals
Nick Cave – piano
Chris Stein – Moog guitar
Jeffrey Lee Pierce – guitar
Cypress Grove – guitar, bass, backin vocals
Willie Love – drums, percussion
Engineers: Paul Emons, Peer Rave. Recorded & mixed  January 2009 at Lumen Studios, Brighton, UK, 1992 at Zeezicht Studios, Spaarnwoude, NL and May 2009 at Kenway Studios, London, UK. Taken from the album “We are Only Riders”, Glitterhouse Records

03 The Raymen “When Death’s Black Train Is Coming To Town”
(Hank “Holy Roller” Ray)
Copyright Control
Hank Ray -  vocals
Tex Napalm -  guitar
Mr. T-Base -  bass
Tommy Favorite - drums
Recorded at Deadroom # 9 and El Bruto Laboratories, Germany, May 2011
Mixed & produced by Tommy Favorite & Tex Napalm. Taken from the forthcoming album “Sinister Funtime” ,  I.H.P. Records.

04 M. Walking On The Water “Enjoy The Silence”
(Martin Lee Gore)
Published by Grabbing Hands Music
Mike Pelzer -  vocals, accordeon,  mouthharp
Markus Maria Jansen – vocals, guitar
Axel Ruhland -  violin
Martell Beigang - drums
Konrad Mathieu - doublebass
Recorded  autumn 2011 in Flensburg, Krefeld, Hamburg, Köln, Germany.
Previously unreleased.

05 The Dad Horse Experience “Kingdom It Will Come”
(D. Ottn)
Published by Edition Fuego
Dad Horse Ottn – vocals, banjo, mandolin, bass pedal, kazoo
Hanno Janssen – drums
Dickie D. Deia – backing vocals
Recorded 2010/2011 at Hörwerk Tonstudio Bookholzberg, Germany, by Andree Klose
From the album “Dead Dog On A Highway” , Fuego

06 Sixteen Horsepower “De-Railed”
(Rainer Ptacek)
Copyright Control
David Eugene Edwards – vocals, guitar
Steve Taylor – guitar
Pascal Humbert – bass
Jean-Yves Tolà – drums
Recorded 2001. Taken from the album “Yours, Truly”, Glitterhouse Records


07 The Perc “Sleeping Dog”
(Tom Redecker)
Copyright Control
Tom THE PERC Redecker – vocals, all instruments
Recorded at  Santa Luzia  Church,  Sandersborg, Sweden. Mixed  at Shack Studio, Bremen, Germany, by Theo von Thyssen. Final treatment Feb. 2012 by Hans Dethlof. Previously unreleased.

08 Lydia Lunch, Dave Alvin & The JLP Sessions Project
“Walkin’ Down The Street (Doin’ My Thing)”
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce)
Published by Creeping Ritual Music
Lydia Lunch – vocals
Dave Alvin – guitar
Cypress Grove – guitar, bass, drums, backings
Kid Congo Powers – percussion, backing vocals
Mike Stark – piano
Willie Love – backing vocals
Walter Damiels – backing vocals
Gene Temsey – backing vocals
Can Kahn Oral – backing vocals
Texacala Jones – backing vocals
Christine Dunleavy – backing vocals
Recorded & mixed by Craig Parker Adams at Kenway Studios, London, UK, May, 2009.
Taken from the album “We are Only Riders”, Glitterhouse Records

09 Kirschbaum-Weishoff-Trio “Heartbreak Hotel”
(Tommy Durden & Mae Boren Axton)
Copyright Control
Matthias Weishoff - guitar
Rolf Kirschbaum  - vocals, cajon
Recorded Oct. 2011 at  Güterbahnhof Bremen, Germany,  with the Alienstyle Mobile.
Previously unreleased.

10 The Walkabouts “Soul Thief”
(Chris Eckman)
Published by Wolffsongs e.K.
Chris Eckman – vocals, guitars
Clara Torgerson – vocals, guitar, cello
Paul Austin – guitars
Glenn Slater -  keaboards
Michael Wells – bass
Tom Moeller – drums, percussion
Tekla Waterfield – backing vocals
Recorded by Matt Brown at Avas!, Seattle, USA. Mixed at Studio Zuma, Ljubliana, Slovenia.
Taken from the album “Travels In The Dustland”, Glitterhouse Records

11 Velvetone  w/The Fat Honks “The River”
(Tammo Lüers-Andreas Merck-Stefan Ulrich-Rainer Wittke)
Published by Elbmusikverlag
Ray DeVaryo – vocals, percussion
Tammo Lüers – guitar
Andy Merck – Fender bass, backing vocals
Steff Ulrich – drums, backing vocals
with The Fat Honks:
 Dennis Lackmann – tenor saxophone
Matthias Streich – trombone
Lasse Timm – trumpet
Recorded, mixed & mastered by The Zumo Kings at Palais Aux Etoiles, Bremen, Germany, January 2012.  Produced by Velvetone & The Zumo Kings. Previously unreleased.

12 Golden Kanine “Law Of A Probable Outcome”
(Golden Kanine)
Copyright Control
Linus Lindvall – guitar, banjo, vocals
Andreas Olrog – guitar, mandolin, vocals
Dante Ekfeldt – bass, organ
Micke Sahlin – drums, percussion
Marcus Lundquist - trombone
Recorded 2011. Taken from the album “Oh Woe!”, Glitterhouse Records

13 Johnny Dowd “Constant Waiting”
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce)
Published by Creeping Ritual Music
Johnny Dowd – vocals, guitar
Brian Wilson – drums
Billy Coté – guitar, keyboards
Produced and engineered by Johnny Dowd and Billy Coté at The Shop, Willseyville, NY, USA, May 2009. Taken from the album “We are Only Riders”, Glitterhouse Records

14 Harry Payuta “Take You Home”
(Harry Payuta)
Copyright Control
Harry Payuta - vocals, sitar, guitar, keyboards, drums, percussion
Gruego Garcia - bass
Recorded & produced  Oct. 2011 by Harry Payuta at Studio Payuta-Music, San Salvador / El Salvador. Previously unreleased.

Mastered at Alien Style Studio, Bremen by Rolf Kirschbaum (www.alienstyle.de)
Photo credits: Martin von Hadel, Glitterhouse Records, Theo von Thyssen; Yvonne Katenkamp
Frontcover design by Retrograph/ Sven Uhrmann (www.retrograph.de)
Artwork by FUEGO/Friedel Muders (www.fuego.de)

Compiled by Theo von Thyssen

Produced by Tom Redecker
Thanks & Hello to Lutz Mastmeyer and everyone  at Glitterhouse Records and Sireena Records, Harry Payuta, Rolf Kirschbaum, Tammo Lüers and Andy Merck, Hank Ray, Friedel Muders, Rolf Kirschbaum, D. Ottn & Hanni Briese.

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